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AYSO is a 100% volunteer run organization and always welcomes new and returning volunteers. Region 144 has been extremely fortunate to have a good group of volunteers and we hope you would consider being a volunteer and making a difference for the children. We also welcome youth volunteers (aged between 12 and 18).

Volunteer Registration is required of EVERY (new and returning) volunteer EVERY year

Please read the instructions below for registering as a volunteer. All steps need to be followed to complete your registration.

  • Login to your account at the eAYSO website using your email address and password. Select the option in the right hand column that applies to you (apply as a new volunteer if you have never completed an application before or apply as a returning volunteer if you have completed one in the past). When the form appears, complete or update all of the requested information.
  • Region 144 is now using eSignature: with eSignature, your name is printed on the signature line of your form and a "wet" signature is not required
  • If you answered “Yes” to the question “Have you ever been convicted of a crime?”, please provide all of the information requested
  • When you have completed all the requested information, click on “Submit”.
  • When done, exit to your home page, select the option “Print Form” and print a copy
  • Please email a scanned copy of your drivers license to  This is a required step to complete your registration.

As part of our focus on child safety, we require all AYSO volunteers to complete the Safe Haven course. Unlike your eAYSO registration, which must be completed every year, the Safe Haven course only needs to be completed once.

You can access the Safe Haven course at